Our highly experienced team of advisors offer several specific services that increase the predictability of asset management and increase available liquidity. These include a valuation guarantee for items that will go to auction, residual value underwriting that protects against downside risk for assets in service, or asset buy-outs for complete business or for portions of assets.

Valuation Guarantee

As part of the valuation process, Pickles Advisory may offer a formal valuation guarantee for assets that will go to auction. Our confidence in our international valuations team and experience in remarketing assets to achieve the highest possible return gives us the ability to offer such guarantees.

Residual Value Underwriting

For clients with plant or equipment in service, Pickles Advisory offers a residual value underwriting services to protect against any downside risk in a decline in those assets’ residual values. This process removes the need for concern that changes in the marketplace will result in declining residual asset values in any particular class.

Asset Buy-Out

When there is a need for immediate liquidity, Pickles Advisory offers asset buy-out services. This may include all assets or, in conjunction with a strategic evaluation of the business, the buy-out of certain less critical assets to inject liquidity into the business.